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Raspberry Pi Hosted Site!

August 16, 2016 — Jesse Harris

I remember the old days of the internet when creating your own site was fun. You had get a domain, sort out some DNS hosting, setup a mail server MX records, apache html. There was some real meat to the task. Those days are over for most people as free hosting on wordpress sites and blogging engines are so easy, the old way is not worth the time.

However, some things about the internet are lost to that era. Remeber navigating a site without 6 bajillion ads trying to get in your face? Remember when a page load was only a couple of hundred kilobytes at most? In 2014 gigaom reported the average website was around 2mb and I'm sure some of the main offenders are way off the charts.

With all this in mind I wanted to bring my blogging back to a simpler time and see if I could have a nice site, hosted on the cheap and stuff.

Here are some of the attributes of the site:

  • It's all hosted on a single Raspberry Pi 2
  • Uses static web pages generated manually using a bash script
  • Writen in plain text markdown converted using a perl script to html.
  • Hosted using the light on resources ngnix web server
  • Encased in an old codrel pillbox
  • Sitting under the router in the kitchen!

Tags: raspberry-pi, linux, markdown

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